The Intermediate Guide to air dry vs blow dry


There is some debate on whether air dry or blow dry is more effective for drying hair. Personally, I prefer the air dry method. It is a more time-consuming process, but as you’ll see in the video, it produces results.

While air dry is certainly my preference, it’s not the only choice. In fact, I’ve had clients use blow dry, since it’s a more efficient process. In its most basic form, blow dryers are essentially a heated airbrush where a heated air is directed into a nozzle that blows the hair into the air. The nozzle is attached to a handheld wand that has a metal pin that connects the wand to a hot plate.

Air dry is a popular method of hair straightening, but can be dangerous if done incorrectly. It is also, like many blow dryers, very time consuming. In fact, in my opinion, it is the most time-consuming method. It takes roughly 10 minutes of continuous use for a blow dry to dry your hair. You can also use this method if hair is not very thick or dense.

As for blow dry, it’s not a “time-consuming” method. It can take up to an hour to dry a thick, dense hair. It’s also, like the air dry method above, a lot of time. It can be frustrating because the hair tends to fall out easily.

You can also use this method for heavier hair if you need to dry your hair for a long period of time. Like for example if you want to blow dry your thick, dense hair.

I have to say that this method is a pretty good method for drying thick, dense hair. You can dry a lot of hair by blowing it dry. The downside is you need a lot more time to dry the hair. But you do have to blow dry it thoroughly.

Yes, some of the people who are using it for the first time are doing it because they don’t have much time to do it properly. So I’ll just say that it’s probably best for you to keep it the way it is for more time than you might want to waste. It’s not that you have to do it for long, because for a while you just might end up having to do it for less time.

That said, many of us aren’t interested in that kind of technique. We just don’t want to waste any of our time in doing it. So we’ll say that its time to dry your hair.

It’s true that hair dryers are not the best for drying hair as they often clog up, but that has not stopped a lot of people from using them. Instead the more popular method is to use an air dryer. You can find it in most dry shampoo shops. It can be pricey though, so I suggest doing it on your own. Just get one and get a head start.

But it is not just a matter of air dryer’s popularity. People use them for hair care treatment for many people. But it is not every person who uses it to get hair treatment. We have to be careful of people who try to manipulate air dryer’s popularity and have no idea how to use them.

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