• how to get rid of oily hair without washing

    This is a question I hear from a lot of women. “How can I get my oily hair to go away?”. The short answer is that you can’t. However, there are some things you can do to improve your hair and make it easier to wash. The first thing you ...
  • A Look Into the Future: What Will the protective hairstyles for sleeping Industry Look Like ...

    Sleeping is hard. We all know that. For the majority of the day. Sleeping is difficult to do alone and it is easy for those who are able to do it to wake up and need to be alone for some time. In my experience, sleeping is easier when you ...
  • The History of 10 Wrong Answers to Common damaged hair cuticle Questions: Do You Know ...

    What happens when a hair cuticle is damaged and is thus unable to grow hair? It’s a mystery. Most hair cuticle damage happens when you’re in a hurry. This is because your cuticle is a hard layer that is required to protect the underlying hair shaft and can’t be damaged. ...
  • can i use regular conditioner as leave in conditioner

    I have always been a big fan of conditioner. The idea of leaving my hair and body hair in the conditioner is the next simplest idea I have ever thought of. This is a good question, but I have no idea what you mean. Hair is just hair, right? You ...
  • half pink half orange hair

    It’s so obvious! Those are two of the only two colors I own. I’m an artist, so the pink and orange colors I use are from my favorite prints, but they are also available in other colors. It’s not just hair that should be pink or orange, but the way ...
  • lco hair method

    This lco hair method I created in the hopes of getting my hair back in control. If you are looking for a new hair style that not only works, but is also easy to maintain, I suggest you check out my hair tutorials. Don’t fret. I promise you that it ...
  • do men need conditioner

    I’m a believer in conditioner. I’m not saying it’s a necessity, but I am saying it’s one of those items that can be a great addition to my home’s bathroom. Conditioner is a great way to add moisture to your bathroom and its a great way to reduce the look ...
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    The idea of bleach is so old. You should know by now that there is a whole line of bleach products to make your hair blond. It is just a matter of making the right decision for your hair color. There are some products that are not recommended for use ...
  • Can you leave in regular conditioner?

    Most DIY crafters will tell you that some sort of primer would be a good idea. It’s a staple in many of my own home remodels and even a part of many of my other DIY projects. Regular conditioner is a good way to keep it that way. The issue ...
  • coils hairstyle male

    I’ve always thought of clothes as a way to look good. I don’t want to go off every time I brush my hair, but I would love to have a look, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time putting on a pair of tights and styling my ...