does blow drying your hair with cold air damage it


Well it might. I know that it can be hard to keep your hair in a straight line without it getting curly, but it’s true and I can see how blow drying your hair with cold air can damage the hair. However, there is evidence that cold air blow drying makes your hair more prone to breakage, so it’s probably not a bad idea.

I believe the damage is from the air dryer getting too hot, but I am not sure. I’ve seen it happen, but my guess is that the air dryer is heating the hair much faster than it should be, and this is causing damage.

I think you are right about the hair being heated up, but I can’t explain where the damage is coming from.

In any case, you should be making sure your hair is properly conditioned and treated before you start blow drying it.

I recently watched a video of a lady with a hot water bottle, and it actually did work to dry her hair. That’s not really important though, it works well enough that I think people should get used to it.

As it turns out, cold air drying your hair (as opposed to steam drying it) will damage it. I was talking to a lady the other day who told me that she has been using a hot water bottle to get her hair dry for over a month. I have to admit that it’s one of the quickest, easiest ways to get your hair clean and soft without using chemicals.

I think that I have mentioned this before, but you should always wash your hair with a cold water bottle because the warm air that you are using to dry it will actually dry the hair, and it will feel quite scratchy and hard as well.

I think that this is a common misconception. You can actually use a cold water bottle to really steam your hair, but I think that cold air drying is much more efficient.

It’s true that a cold air dryer is a lot more effective for the same purpose. However, this does not necessarily indicate that you shouldn’t use a cold air dryer. It just means that you should use one that uses warm air and you can use a cold air dryer on your hair, too.

There is no definite way to tell if your hair is damaged or not, and hair loss is common. However, hair loss can be a result of either the hair or the hair growth cycle. This is because of the fact that hair is a living tissue. Hair is a living organ that is growing and changing all the time. Hair loss is a good indication that something is wrong.

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