Engagement Ring Trends to Lookout for This Season

Engagement Ring

After postponing weddings and proposals over the last two years, couples in Australia are following their intuition and shunning convention when it pertains to design aspects such as bridal jewellery. Your engagement ring should last a lifetime, whether you choose it together or leave it to your future partner.

Keep reading to learn about the most desirable new styles of engagement ring trends.

1. The Symbolism of Precious Stones

Recently, celebrities, including Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski, have been seen wearing engagement rings with many stones.

The symbolism of the twin stones represents the union of a couple in more ways than one. More and more individuals this year are choosing one-of-a-kind diamonds and gemstones to add depth to the symbolism of the two stones.

2. Gender-Neutral Bands

In Australia, there is now a wider variety of unisex rings. And this is only the start. Predictions for the next year indicate that gender-neutral, minimalistic styles will continue to rise in popularity.

For engagement ring options, delicate styles are still popular, but an increasing number of women opt for bolder, chunkier designs more often associated with men’s style.

3. Gems of Vivid Colours

Coloured stones are now trendy, allowing lovers to choose a vivid and eye-catching item to symbolise their relationship. It is an excellent alternative for couples to try out as they discover one another’s unique characteristics.

4. Nostalgia 

Just as thrifting and vintage treasures have swept over the fashion sector, so have vintage engagement rings risen to the top. While possessing a one-of-a-kind ancestral item is lovely, you can still express your individuality with antique rings that capture the same aesthetic.

Cushion-cut rings have long been a reliable and classic option for future spouses, so it is no surprise that they are now leading the pack among traditional engagement ring settings.

5. Big and Sparkly

It turns out that size does matter, at least regarding the trends for engagement rings in Australia. Couples planning to wed express a desire for elaborate and extravagant designs. Think of things like huge diamonds, unique cuts, and striking forms.

6. Unexpected Diamonds Details

You may anticipate increased rings that include extra stones, such as emphasised galleries and concealed halos.

This one-of-a-kind trend offers diamonds carved underneath the ring’s focal gemstone. The goal of this trend is to bring more glitter and distinct personalisation to designs that are typically modest.

These concealed embellishments are often matched with solitaire styles; they are timelessly contemporary masterpieces with a spin and a customised touch and have been around for quite some time.

Do People Often Purchase Engagement Rings Together as a Pair or Individually?

In most cases, the individual who proposes is the one who foots the bill for the proposal ring. However, there are some couples who want to share the financial burden of purchasing an engagement ring for a variety of reasons.

It’s possible that the soon-to-be bride or groom has their heart set on a ring that’s on the pricey side, or this might be a financial choice that the two of you wish to undertake together.

Wrapping Up

What kind of engagement rings you select is entirely up to you and your spouse. Some people prefer to keep it on the minimal side while others enjoy the extravagance. Consider the wide variety of options in today’s market before selecting one.

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