how often to relax hair


After years of working with hair, I finally have an answer for the question I’ve asked myself: should I relax my hair more often? I think sometimes it feels like it’s an act of laziness; you just don’t have the time or energy to do it, which leads me to believe that it’s time to get more relaxer free.

The question is always something like this, “is it really worth it to waste a few hours a day to relax my hair?”. After the first question, I am really shocked if the answer is not, “yes”. But what really happens is a person relaxes so much, its just a habit. If we don’t constantly change this habit, the hair will just never be that relaxed either.

The secret to a hair that feels relaxed is to not only be relaxed, but to be relaxed on a regular basis. I would agree with this if I were not a complete idiot, haha.

Is it okay to sleep longer on a regular basis? I see. I’ve been in the habit of doing this for a while, but it just seems like it’s not working for me.

People who relax their hair tend to sleep a little more soundly. I think the reason is because their brain is used to it, so they don’t need as much sleep. It’s hard, though, to think about other things while you’re asleep, so you’re better off getting more sleep than you think you are.

I have been known to get a little lazy, especially if the weather is too hot. It’s not a good idea to get too lazy because you can end up suffering serious brain damage from the lack of oxygen. In addition, if you start a new habit, you will most likely have to stick with it for a while. In order to break or break a habit, you have to start it a lot.

In the beginning I would say you should try to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep every night. This will help you shut out the world and focus on your tasks at hand. If you don’t get that, you might be susceptible to hypo-phrenia, or sleep deprivation.

As much as I enjoy this movie, I don’t think you should really give up on the “I must be more careful than I am” theme. If you’re on the go at the beginning, try a little more sleep. It’s a little bit easier to keep things organized in your mind.

As you probably know, hypo-phrenia is when you suddenly become unable to concentrate if you are too tired. If you don’t have the ability to keep your mind on one thing, you’ll find yourself becoming easily distracted.

I think the best way to avoid hypo-phrenia is to do whatever you can to keep your mind on one thing. You should always have something to focus on. If youre bored, it may be too easy to become distracted so you should always try to keep your attention on something.

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