rope braid curls


This little braid is my first attempt to crochet for the longest time. It was a project that I started around age 14. I have not stopped since. It is fun to watch the stitches forming and the color changing. I was able to crochet this little piece with my new crochet hook.

I think my favorite thing about this is the different colors the hairs are changing. I think it shows that my skills are increasing.

You can see that with this piece, I like to add different colored yarns to make the different strands of hair change colors. I did this with a light green yarn, a medium green yarn, and a dark brown yarn.

I did one with purple yarn and it was fun to look at. I just wanted to say it was awesome.

There are a lot of great reasons to crochet. Whether you prefer to work with yarn or needles, or both, there are lots of cool reasons to crochet. One favorite reason is to add a bit of texture to a piece of fabric. With a crochet hook, you can make a nice twist to your finished piece. One of my favorite things about crochet is adding a bit of texture to my hair. It’s nice to add a bit of texture like this to my hair.

It’s not just hair. Crochet is also fun to work with any type of fabric. You can mix yarns and stitch in different directions to create fun textures like this. I am in love with this tutorial by Jenni Meeks. It’s a crochet tutorial on how to crochet a little panda on a string. It’s super easy, and I’m going to have to use that one for my next project.

I can’t get enough of making these little panda’s. I can only imagine how fun it would be to have a panda for your next project as well.

I do have a couple of petite panda’s in my home. It’s a small space so they tend to be a little less than happy when I get back in the house.

For someone who is more of a beginner, this is a great tutorial that will teach you how to use crochet to create a cute little panda. It gives you the basic steps to create the panda, but you also have the option to make the panda in a different way. You can change the size, colors, and even the pattern for the panda.

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