step by step balayage sectioning


Step through the steps to making your own little art piece. Each step of the process has a unique look, and for me, you just have to pick out the steps by step to ensure a complete, yet beautiful, installation.

I’ve always been drawn to the simple and the geometric. I like the simplicity of the art, the fact that it is a one-step process. The steps are also easy to remember, and the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. I’m just not a fan of the glaze, which is what makes this process so difficult. The glaze is made from clear acrylic paint, and so, it is very opaque.

I believe the same process has been used to create the steps in many of the most famous pieces in the world. From the Egyptian Sphinx to the Taj Mahal, the steps on these monuments are constructed from the same, simple, geometric surface. The glaze also seems to be the same, although a little thicker. I have yet to find a glaze that is opaque enough to make this process interesting and challenging.

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