wet plop


The wet plop is a summer favorite for many reasons. They are bright and colorful, and they smell delicious! They are easy to make and a big hit with kids and adults alike. And they are so easy to pack up and drop off at the end of the day.

The wet plop is actually a really simple process that works equally well for making ice cream or any other sundae topping. It’s not quite as simple as mixing your ingredients, but you can get most of the ingredients for making a wet plop by using a basic yogurt maker.

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of the idea that yogurt is good for your arteries. Turns out, it’s not that you’re eating a bad yogurt, it’s that yogurt is just one of the most important ingredients in your diet and you need it to be good for your arteries. Yogurt has the highest levels of vitamin C in the food supply and it also has a high level of fiber, which helps you feel full and satisfied.

In a recent article on this blog, it was mentioned that the main source of calcium in yogurt is the calcium carbonate in the milk. I think that might be true. However, it also has some other interesting benefits as well. It is a rich source of protein, which helps keep your body running smoothly. It is also a rich source of certain B vitamins, including vitamin B15, which helps to build healthy cholesterol. It also contains iron, which can help your heart.

It’s not just yogurt that contains calcium, but a wide variety of other things that can be found in yogurt. I’ve always thought that a good high-calcium diet (especially yogurt) is good for everything.

While calcium is always good for a variety of things, the point here is that it can be found in so many other things. It is found in a lot of other food sources. I think it all comes down to the fact that we are what we eat. We are the way we eat. I think a lot of the time the difference between being a good or bad eater is just in our eating habits.

In other words, you can have the best of both worlds. You can eat a really great breakfast, or you can eat a really good dinner. Your body can make it really, really hard to tell the difference.

I’ve never thought of this before, but I’m actually pretty good with my food. I’m a pretty big fan of salads and soups, and I’ll happily eat a bowl of ice cream for dinner, but I rarely eat anything that is actually going to kill me. I find that it’s much harder to eat on a regular basis.

I know you’re not a salad eater, but ice cream is sort of a weird thing to go through your mouth (or your stomach). In fact, ice cream is probably the most dangerous food you will ever experience. When you eat ice cream, you put a lot of stuff into your stomach that you need to digest. Ice cream can also be super dangerous. In addition to the high amount of calories, the fat content of ice cream can also make you fat.

Ice cream has some of the highest fat and sugar content of any food. That’s what makes it super dangerous. It can make you fat, but also turn you into a machine. It can make you go through your system a lot of times. It can be a perfect way to kill you. We can’t say for sure in this case, but it’s almost certainly a case of ice cream eating.

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